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Paul Lewing Tile Trio

Paul Lewing was on a quest to do a workshop in every state, and Kansas was missing from his completion map.  He was the first artist to contact Bracker’s about presenting a workshop here.  Over 30 participants from Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and even New Mexico attended this fantastic handbuilding workshop.  If you missed it, you may be in luck, because we’ve been discussing bringing him back for a china painting workshop!

Original Paul Lewing Workshop Description:

This two-day workshop begins with demonstration of forming tiles and tile trim pieces by rolling, extruding and pressing. Plans for a homemade slab roller and tile press will be distrib- uted, along with cone 10 and cone 5 glaze recipes. Information on glaze chemistry and formula- tion will be included as time allows. A discussion of mortars, grouts, installation techniques, and tile industry terminology follows. Paul will also address marketing, especially as it applies to the special problems of commissioned work. He will give helpful ideas and hints on selling through wholesale and retail outlets, trade shows, and dealing with architects, designers. The day will conclude with slides of Paul’s work, as well as historical and contemporary architectural ceram- ics, particularly works by Northwest clay artists.

The second day is devoted to decorating techniques such as brushwork, trailing, spraying, pouring, sponging glazes. Other methods such as sume painting, china paints, and silkscreen applications will also be covered.

Paul Lewing Bio

Paul Lewing has been an artist all his life, and has worked with clay and glazes since 1965. Since 1986, Paul has worked almost exclusively on tile at two different firing temperatures. In addition to custom murals, Paul produces a popular line of gift items and unique watercolor pencil drawings in his Seattle, Washington studio. He is well-known nationally as a tile artist and ceramic glaze chemist and teaches workshops on both subjects. His company, Paul Lewing Custom Tile creates unique tile murals for kitchens, bathrooms, fire- places, signs, and all other tile applications. Paul will depict any image in any style or color, and work with clients to guarantee their satisfaction. All murals are fired on, washable and durable.

Paul Lewing Artist Statement:

I always knew I wanted to be an artist.  I started painting in oils at the age of eight, and continued into college at the University of Montana in Missoula.  There I discovered clay, studying with Rudy Autio, one of America’s best known clay artists and muralists, and earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree.  After graduate school, my wife and I moved to Seattle, and I’ve been a professional clay artist there since 1972, first making functional pottery and, since 1986, working exclusively on ceramic tile.  I’m known for my painterly style of glazing, and for the wide diversity of imagery, styles and techniques I employ in my tile art.  As a former mule packer, horse wrangler, and hunting and fishing guide, I often show my love of mountains and the outdoors in my landscape, floral, animal and fish murals.

We are thrilled to also be able to include this current work from Paul Lewing, available until the exhibition closes March 26th, 2016::

Paul Lewing "Mt. Rainier/ Trail Trivet", cone 4 oxidation glazes, $90.

“Mt. Rainier/ Trail Trivet”, cone 4 oxidation glazes, $90.


You can learn more about Paul Lewing on his website, or connect with him on facebook


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October 25, 2003

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