Hi all from Stacy Jo Scott at the University of Oregon…

Curious how folks are going to help students set up safe clay practices at home while we are holding classes remotely. I’ll add my plans as they evolve below and would love to hear any ideas you have as you deal with this. And remember, “regeneration is as constant as disintegration”.

Students come to studio to pick up the following:

At home

  • Put drop cloth under table they are working at
  • Sponge off drop cloth, table surface, and tools at the end of every work session
  • Students drop off completed work to class shelves in classroom
  • Students collect clay scraps that are too dry to wedge in heavy duty trash bag. Deposit scraps into reclaim bins in classroom when dropping off work.
  • Use 5-gallon bucket as a rinse. Don’t rinse clay in household sinks.
  • Once clay has settled to the bottom of 5-gallon bucket and water above is clear, use plastic tubing to siphon using one of these methods. Once clean water is siphoned off, either 1) allow clay to dry out then scrape leftover clay out to re-wedge or add to scraps in heavy duty trash bag or 2) bring to classroom to add to reclaim buckets.

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March 20, 2020

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