Garth Johnson from the Everson Museum in Syracuse here

I’m teaching an object study class at Syracuse University, and I’m working to live stream my Friday morning lectures to the world, and I’d love to have your class join me. I’ll update this space as I figure it out. Thank you, Garth! 👍🏼[w]

If you have access to Kanopy through your institution or local library, they have a lot of ceramic content, including the entire “Revolutions of the Wheel” series:

It’s a little dated/dowdy, but the Everson’s documentary that accompanied the “Century of Ceramics in the United States” is a great little chronology of the history of American ceramics… with some priceless footage:

I taught online for a decade… I always had my students make a video presentation. If they have PowerPoint, they can make and narrate a presentation, then export it as video. If you give them a tight time limit, they will generally ace the writing part of it and spice it up with images. OIf the students don’t have access to PowerPoint, there are sneaky workarounds that you can do using Google Slides and free screencast recording software. Here’s an okay little tutorial:



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March 20, 2020

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