from Bethany Benson

Select five (objects) from, Red Lodge Clay Center, Santa Fe Clay, The Clay Studio, Pots In Action, Artaxis, Schaller Gallery, Crimson Laurel Gallery, Ferrin Contemporary, Northern Clay Center,  CLAYAKAR, and/or ASU Ceramic Collection. You will choose a total of 5 images: 1 that you do not like, 3 that are inspiring to you, and 1 that you would like to replicate. Insert one (object) per slide, and indicate why you like or dislike it – BE SPECIFIC and use ceramic and Elements & Principles vocabulary to articulate appreciation despite your preferences. Insert one (object) per slide, include the artist’s name, material information (cone temp, clay body, and kiln atmosphere); if that information is not readily available on the site, you must research the artist by visiting their website and making your best educated guess, otherwise you will not receive full credit.


Elements & Principles VocabularyArtist’s NameCone and/or TemperatureClay BodyKiln AtmosphereOn-Time Submission
50 Points10 Points10 Points10 Points10 Points10 Points



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March 20, 2020

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