Eric Stearns

When Sheldon and Linda Ganstrom tell you that you need to invite someone to do a workshop, you don’t ask questions, you just make a phone call.  Eric Stearns is a graduate of Linda’s Ceramics program at Fort Hays State, now teaching at Doane College in Nebraska.  His Raku work is absolutely stunning, precisely pierced and decorated.  We first invited him to demo at one of our free Second Saturday Series events.  He was so popular, we had to have him back for a full two-day workshop with 13 participants from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa & Tennessee.

Original Eric Stearns Workshop Description

Throughout the two day workshop, Eric will take you on an exploration into the finer details of his work.

  • He will demonstrate his thrown work, including his impressive double-walled vessels.
  • He will discuss his glazing methods for both raku as well as non-raku firings.
  • Eric and the attendees will glaze and raku fire their own pieces.
  • Eric will show how he creates his intricate, mathematically-based designs and implements them on greenware.
  • Attendees who bring their own greenware pieces may attempt to practice Eric’s piercing techniques on their own work.
  • Eric’s latest ceramic journey has led him to an image transfer technique that is bound to intrigue you into trying it for yourself. He’ll teach you all about it at this workshop.

Participants should bring a piece or two of bisque fired clay to glaze and raku fire under Eric’s expert tutelage as well as a piece or two of greenware to practice piercing techniques. Lunch will be served at Bracker’s both days and is included in the workshop fee.

Eric Stearns Bio

Eric Stearns

Eric Stearns

Eric Stearns was born and raised in North Platte, Nebraska and is currently an art professor at Doane College. This past August, Eric was a Second Saturday artist at Bracker’s. His work was so spectacular that we wanted to invite him to share his methods with even more detail and information. Eric combines a love of mathematical design into his work through carving and piercing the clay.

Eric Stearns Artist Statement

“Finding harmony and relaxation when throwing on the potter’s wheel, I focus totally on the present and the craft of throwing, knowing that a second’s distraction or inattention could result in the collapse of my extreme forms. Each of my vessels is individually designed and executed to reflect my passion for high craft, married with contemporary expression. The focus of my art is to investigate the interactions of two types of post-firing reduction – clear crackle and smoking the raw clay.” — Eric Stearns

We are thrilled to be able to include this recent work of Eric Stearns (as seen in Pottery Making Illustrated) in our exhibition, available until the show closes on March 26th.:

Eric Stearns contention

contention, $900

You can learn more about Eric Stearns on his website or connect with him on Facebook and Instagram



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June 7, 2014

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