Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin was a 1979 graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute whom we have known for decades.  We used his first book, “The Definitive Guide to Mold-Making and Slip-Casting,” extensively at Brackers for our own casting slip production.  Eventually that book was revised and reprinted as a Lark Book titled “The Essential Guide to Mold Making and Slip Casting.”  For reasons unknown, we waited until he was living in the Netherlands to actually invite him for a workshop.  It’s a little backwards, we admit, but for the 14 participants from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa & Nebraska, the workshop was well worth the “International Exchange”!

Original Andrew Martin Workshop Description:

Bracker’s is excited to announce our next workshop, on November 1-2 with Andrew Martin.  Martin’s pots are inspired by his exploration of English, Asian and Islamic pottery traditions.   During his November workshop at Bracker’s, Martin will discuss how his work evolved, demonstrate his unique method of developing forms using paper cut outs, create molds, cast numerous forms and show slides.  Mold making and slip casting is a quickly growing trend in the ceramics community, with artists such as Martin leading the charge to develop new ways to use liquid clay.  Martin will discuss and explore how these techniques can be incorporated into your existing work, or initiate new directions entirely. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from one of our industry’s masters in Slip Casting and Mold Making.  The-Essential-Guide-to-Mold-Making-Slip-CastingMartin literally wrote the book on the topic!  Students should come to this hands-on workshop with questions and ready to stretch their skill, knowledge, and experience.

Andrew Martin Artist Statement

During workshops I demonstrate the methods that I use for designing and making pots. I also speak about how I see, how I combine contrasting visual resources, and how curiosity drives the process.

The workshops explore an intuitive yet practical approach to working with molds beyond the repetition of forms. The investigation is open-ended. We will alter castings, make sprigs, collage cast elements, and learn about the value of technical failures. Our exploration will be within an intimate scale. We don’t look for “answers” but for notions to investigate further.

Everyone has latent ideas. We bring those ideas to the foreground to see if they have life. How do you see? What do you see? How do you begin to make it? The foundation of our discussion is the language of beauty, form, proportion, and use. We will explore how pots make a visual, tactile, and relational communication.

During hands-on workshops, I interact with everyone about the pieces they are making. It is a mutual process of learning, a conversation about the creative process. That creative dialogue is the “spine” of the workshop and the pieces we make will give it “body”.

You can learn more about Andrew Martin on his website


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November 1, 2014

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