Although Phoenix Red is designed to be a low-fire glaze, it is stiff enough to successfully fire to Cone 5.  I had fun testing this glaze alone to cone 5 on various clay bodies and also testing it on top of other glazes designed for mid-range stoneware.  Anytime I push the limits of a glaze, I test it on the inside of a bowl.  This lets me see how well the glaze will withstand the excessive heat while not ruining a kiln shelf (sadly, i learned this lesson the hard way…three times)

With Phoenix Red, I found that it was still very stiff and even semi-matte at the higher temperature.  The main difference was in the color.  At cone 5, the glaze is a more muted almost mauve color, and where it is thicker, it gives hints of purple.  When used in combination with other glazes, the effects were downright stunning!

I just love the versatility of this glaze, especially for someone like myself who works at a variety of temperature ranges.

Spectrum 962 Phoenix Red

Pint Retail Price $23.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $17.50

Gallon Retail Price $155.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $108.50

10# Dry Retail Price$180.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $135.00

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