Hello clay friends,

We have missed you all and look forward to seeing you again soon, but not quite yet…..Much like our state, we are phasing back into “business as usual”. (and even then, it will probably be a different usual).  For the past month, we have been operating on a skeleton crew, generally no more than 3 people in the building at a time, and we have split the whole place into zones.  (David, Anne M and myself are doing significant amounts of working from home in order to allow our employees who don’t have that option to get hours while maintaining the lowest possible number of people in the building.)   We are fortunate that we have such an enormous warehouse to be able to continue to allow our employees to work and earn a living, and thus, we have been able to continue to provide ceramics supplies to you all via either shipping or our contactless pick up.  We have also been able to continue to make clay!

As of May 4th, the stay at home order for the state of Kansas has been lifted, but there are still some restrictions, all of which have various sunset dates going all the way to mid June, I believe.  Our current plan as to how we will continue to phase back in is laid out in bullet points below.

• Week of May 4th we welcome back 3 previously furloughed staff members.  Jeanette will be back 3 days a week and working from home one day, Willow, also will be here 3 days mixing clay, and doing some work from home as well. And Donna is celebrating a birthday today, but will be back tomorrow and will be working mostly back here at Bracker’s filling orders to go out and checking in orders that arrive and restocking the store! Our showroom will remain closed, but we will continue to offer our contactless pickup, shipping, and mailing services.  Please also rest assured that we continue our regular cleaning/sanitizing and safety procedures here, and our staff is self-monitoring for any symptoms.  Our county has had 51 total cases reported, 39 have recovered, and we have had no deaths.  We are hoping that case number stays the same and the recovery number goes up to match it.

Next week, May 11th, we will continue to operate in the same way as we monitor the virus statistics in the wake of reopening in many states

Week of May 18th, pending positive reports, we will reopen our showroom for shopping by appointment only.  We will only allow one customer in the store at a time, and masks will be required.  We trust that if you do find that you have a fever, or if you have any other symptoms, that you will opt for our contactless pickup.  When you arrive, for your protection and ours, We will provide you with a pair of nitrile gloves to wear while you browse.  Feel free to keep them and use them at other stores if you like, we don’t really want or need them back.  🙂

If all goes well, in June, we will fully open the show room and in July, we will lift the mask and gloves restriction, but that’s pretty far into the future to predict right now.  We will continue to post new updates as we monitor the current condition of the society.

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