I was just chatting with a good friend of mine and told her that the glaze of the month was Blue Rutile for this month and she said “Blue Rutile is like Glaze Cheating…you can never go wrong with it”  I immediately told her I was stealing that quote, because it’s just so true.  Blue Rutile belongs to a special club of glazes that are just about as close to perfection as one can get.  It’s beautiful, consistent, and reliable.  Like most of the Potter’s choice glazes, Blue Rutile is a flowing glaze, yet it flows without flowing OFF the piece.  It was one of the original Potter’s Choice Glazes and has been performing consistently since  I tested it over a variety of clay bodies from porcelain all the way to the darkest brown clay I could find.  Blue Rutile performed admirably in all situations.  I think every time I look at them, I pick a different favorite.  Sometimes I go for the brilliance and vibrance of the glaze on porcelain or a light stoneware, then I rethink that in favor of the depth of color and variegation on the darker clay bodies.   Indecision, indecision.  Of course there’s also all the layering options.  In addition to other Potter’s Choice glazes, Blue Rutile does well over or under the AMACO HF series or with other reputable Cone 5-6 glazes such as Spectrum, Coyote and Opulence.  For more information about layering potter’s choice glazes, visit AMACO’s Webpage on Layering Glazes.  For the month of April, enjoy special prices on this special glaze:

AMACO PC20 Blue Rutile:

Regular PINT Price: $9.95

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month PINT Price: $8.00

Regular Gallon Price: $49.95

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month GALLON Price: $40.00

Regular 25# Dry Price: $150.00

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month 25# DRY Price: $120.00