When I first saw AMACO’s Palladium at the NCECA conference a year ago in Tampa, I thought it was so shiny it looked like a mirror.  Over the last year, I also noticed that most of my favorite layered glaze combinations included this glaze.  So, i decided I wanted to push this glaze, put it through its paces, test its limits.  When I opened the kiln this afternoon, I was thrilled at what I saw on the top shelf, and every shelf below it.  All of the tests were fantastic.  I ran layering tests with 9 different high fire glazes AND the TH1 Texturizer, I covered spectrum RACs with palladium and even tested the glaze in combination with three different low-fire glazes.

This glaze does bear a cautionary label, and thus may not be used with children (6th grade and younger).  This glaze should also be used for decorative purposes only as it is not food-safe.  But it is beautiful, so pick up a pint, or a gallon or even 25# dry at Bracker’s, at a special price this month:

Pint Regular Price: $9.95 / Glaze of the Month Price: $7.50

Gallon Regular Price: $49.95 / Glaze of the Month Price: $37.50

25# Dry Regular Price: $140.00 / Glaze of the Month Price: $100.00



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