one word: showstopper.  

Spectrum’s low-fire Oxblood is a remarkable glaze.  Alone it is simply stunning and nearly undistinguishable from its Cone 10 reduction counterpart.  The payoff in layering it with other glazes can be incredibly high.  Do be sure to test first, however.  Oxblood flows a lot and really shouldn’t be fired above Cone 04.  If you’re pairing it with another flowing glaze, be sure to try it on the inside of a bowl first, or use a catch plate under your test piece.  

Also – it is important to get two coats of this glaze on the piece.  In one of the examples below, I left the bottom 1/3 glazed with only one coat to show the difference.  When thin, the color is light grey/black/clear.  It actually makes for an interesting effect as it pools in recesses and stretches across points

Spectrum 928 Oxblood

Pint Retail Price $21.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $16.50 

Gallon Retail Price $135.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $108.00

10# Dry Retail Price$170.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $136.00




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