For the last year and a half or so, Cindy & Jeanette have been getting together nearly every Wednesday evening for “studio night”.  Sometimes in Cindy’s basement studio and sometimes in the Bracker’s studio area, the two enjoy companionship and clay.  Over the last few months, word of this weekly occurrence has begun to spread.  Cindy and Jeanette found that from time to time, they would have visitors, and it was very enjoyable!  So, for the third day of our anniversary celebration, Cindy & Jeanette’s studio night will enjoy expanded hours, and an open door!  We’ll have some wine, cheese, and chat as well as the pottery staples like clay.  For throwers, we’ll have a few wheels out and some community tools, but we’ll also have power cords if you want to bring your own wheel and tools and join us.  For hand builders, Pam Herring of SlabMat has been kind enough to send us a bunch of hand building mats, and we’ll have them out on tables along with a variety of different molds, texture tools, and other various and sundry goodies.  We also have Cindy’s Slabroller and Anne & Bill’s extruder available for use.  You’re also welcome to come and just hang out, watch, ask questions, make conversation, etc.  This is a very low-key event just designed to be fun and social!  2pm-6pm.  Only rule is that you have to be happy! 🙂

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