AMACO’s ST Glazes are perhaps the best kept secret of all the AMACO glazes.  The surfaces are soft and mottled, serenely inviting the observer to touch the work.  Particularly suited for deep texture work the Stone Texture glazes produce a variegated surface as they pool in recesses and break over high points.

ST42 Olive on White clay (top right and bottom left)

On white clay, the STs produce floating opaque matt finishes.  The early melting formula of these glazes allow for rutile and other materials to rise up to the surface of the glaze, creating a moss or lichen effect reminiscent of aged stone or antique architectural ornamentation.

ST-42 Olive on Red Clay (click to enlarge and see full image)

On red clay,  the surface can become slightly glossy and produce interesting colour separations.  The fluidness of the glaze allows for hints of the clay color to show through wile developing different colors and smooth to matt surface textures where it gathers thicker.  Explore the beauty of this effect on high relief sculptural forms and deeply carved vessels. Due to the soft nature of the glaze and the variation in surface texture this glaze is not suitable for food surfaces, on some clay bodies this glaze may craze, for vases or other water holding objects use a durable liner glaze on the interior of the pot.

AMACO’s ST42 Olive retail price $11.95

Bracker’s Glaze of the month price $9.50


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