Truth be told, I’ve featured Spectrum’s 913 Old Copper before….It’s just really a great glaze, and I wanted to give people another chance to discover it for themselves.  It was suggested to me for that original post (almost 4 years ago) by a good friend.  I really hadn’t experimented with it before then, but SINCE then, it has become a regular glaze in my palette.  It is particularly useful as a layering glaze.   A couple of years ago, Richard Arnfield, owner of Spectrum Glazes, was in town, and we decided to tried it in Raku.  Old Copper is very versatile in its uses.  Shhhh don’t tell anyone, but I’ve even taken it to temperatures HOTTER than 03!!!  (Please always place a catch tray under a pot when testing a glaze beyond its recommended temperature)

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