Opulence winter’s day is a beautiful, satin-finished, milky-white glaze that works well with a variety of other glazes.  What I liked most about this glaze was its “dippability”.  I’m a rather impatient person, and one of my most hated things is holding a dipped piece over the bucket waiting for he excess glaze to finish dipping back into the bucket.  Winter’s Day, when properly mixed*, is rather thin.  That coupled with the ratio of gum to water means that with one dip, I still get good coverage, but it also drips minimally and dries quickly.  In the image gallery below, I tested this glaze over 5 clay bodies, and with each test, I dipped the test completely, then waited for that coat to dry completely and did a second dip only half-way.  The glaze is more opaque with 2 coats, but also nice with a single dip.  When combined with other glazes, Winter’s Day provides a look akin to a photo with the soft focus lens applied.

Opulence Glazes come dry in 5# bags.  I typically mix these glazes at a 1:1 ratio, 1 # of dry glaze to 1# of water.  And I can’t help but sing to myself “a pint is a pound the world around” as I’m measuring out my water.  And I’m guessing that from now on, you, too, will sing that to yourself as you measure water, whether for cooking or for glaze.  Enjoy!

Opulence 803 Winter’s Day 5# Bag Retail Price $20.00

Special Glaze of the Month Price $15.00

In the photo gallery below, click on any image to open it larger.  You can then navigate between images in a full-screen environment.  To purchase Opulence Winter’s Day, visit our shopping site.  Click here to go directly to the item!

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