January is Anne W.’s birth month, so in her honor, we chose Nutmeg as the glaze of the month.  One might assume this is because Nutmeg is her favorite glaze.  What is more accurate is to say it is OUR favorite glaze to tease her about.  You see, many years ago, before Bracker’s used computers to track inventory and such, it was my job to check the stock levels about once a month, record them on a yellow legal pad, glaze by glaze, and determine which glazes needed to be ordered.  It so happened that we were down to 4 pints of Nutmeg at one point, and I suggested to Mom that we should order more of it.  She overruled me and said that four would be plenty.  I argued on Nutmeg’s behalf, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.  As the one who signs the checks, Mom won the battle and the order was placed, sans Nutmeg.  In the time it took for AMACO to receive, process and ship my order, somehow, all four of those pints of nutmeg sold.  Then our order came in, and the shelves got restocked (also by yours truly…), and there was  giant hole on the shelf where nutmeg should be.  I politely pointed this out to my dear mother, but her confidence was not shaken.  She was certain that the sudden run on the glaze was a fluke and that our lack of stock would not be noticed.  Now, I have to admit that my mom is not usually wrong.  She has a truly stunning sense of business and a keen awareness of inventory history and trends.  BUT, even the best can from time to time miss the boat.  Mom missed this one by a mile.  We had more requests for nutmeg than I can remember, so much so, that it was not a month before mom asked me to count glazes and prep an order, rather about 2 weeks.  From then on, it was my great pleasure to point out to mom every time we sold a jar of Nutmeg.  In retrospect, I was probably a bit sassy, but my mom, ever the southern lady, took the teasing with the utmost grace.    Sadly, I’m still a bit sassy, so for her birth-month, Nutmeg is on sale, but to get the discount, you have to say “Happy Birthday, Anne, I’m buying some Nutmeg!”  (OK, not really, but I’d appreciate it if you did!).  For those who want to really wish her a happy birthday, the special day is January 25th.  In the meantime, enjoy the Nutmeg!

AMACO CTL35 Nutmeg Regular Price: $21.00

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month Price: $16.75