Now Serving Southern Missouri

If you are reading this, let me say welcome to the Bracker’s family.  We know you have been well taken care of in the past and we aim to provide you the best service we possibly can.  We manufacture clay here in Lawrence, KS and we also are a distributor for Laguna, Aardvark and Standard clays.  We sell kilns, wheels, slabrollers, extruders, glazes, tools and all the other things you need for your studio or classroom.

We have been getting a lot of calls about deliveries to your area and we are happy to tell you that we will be able to deliver down to the Joplin area and also into the Springfield area.  We have a 10,000# truck and we look forward to working with all of you down there to fill it up and send it down to you all!

In addition to our regular newsletter (which you are welcome to sign up for here) we also maintain a separate list for people that want to get in on deliveries further away from Bracker’s.  Please feel free to sign up for that here

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free 888-822-1982 or send us an email, we’d love to hear from you, and we look forward to getting to know you!

*******Added 9.28.2021*****

To speed the process along, our W-9 (which your business off will need to set us up as a Vendor for you) is here:

BGEC W-9 October 2018

*******Added 10.1.2021*****

Springfield area customers – we are looking at October 23rd for a first delivery to your area!  ArtZone will accept delivery of school orders and you all can come and pick up your clay from them at your convenience (we are still figuring out the details there). Right now, we need you to get us your orders so that we can make all of the necessary preparations in advance (even if you are still in the process of working with your district to get us set up as a vendor and transfer your purchase orders to us, if you can provide us with your planned purchase, that will help! email it to, or order online at, select net 30 account as your payment method and include a note that you want ot be included on the springfield/Nixa delivery!

Added 10.15.2021

We are excited to announce that Art Zone in Nixa is now a stocking distributor for Kansas Clays!  They are a great source for all the ceramics supplies you need.  Check out their website by clicking their logo below!  We are also excited to share that Dave will be delivering down there and sticking around for an open house/professional development for teachers/Q&A session for all from 1-3pm. If you need clay, be sure to get them your order ASAP so you can be included on that delivery!


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