The Ultimate Edger has long been referred to around here as “The Ninja Tool,” partly because if thrown, it might be as lethal as a throwing star and partly because of it’s versatility.  The mother of all multi-taskers, this tool is actually 6 tools in 1:


Jeanette will be making a variety of pots using this tool, and we’ll be filming it.  Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel next week for the video.

We will also be testing the Ultimate Decorating Ribs from Xiem Tools.  Jeanette will be trying them on the wheel, while Cindy will be using them with some thick textured slip on hand built pieces.  There are 12 to choose from:

And we’ll have the Wiziwig tools out again for a second look.  Anne has talked about coming back to try them out, and you *might* even catch a rare  glimpse of Cindy on the wheel using these tools.

Come spend your afternoon with us in our studio space here at Bracker’s!  On the third thursday of each month, from 4:00pm-7:00pm, Cindy & Jeanette get their hands in clay trying out new products, making ware for our Glaze of the Month tests, and just having a good time.  Stop by and try out new tools and toys, ask a question, or just enjoy the company and camaraderie.  Everyone is welcome to come and create.  We have a slabroller, and extruder and several wheels available, and plenty of tools.  (You’re also welcome to bring in your own favorite tools.)  Work made from studio clay will be bisque-fired and used for glaze of the month tests.  (Please be sure to let us know if you want to be credited as the maker.)

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