Bracker’s has always kept its hands in the education of ceramics students in some way

  • Bill Bracker was a university ceramics professor before he and Anne founded Bracker’s
  • Anne Bracker started our company’s annual pottery wheel donation campaign, putting pottery wheels in educational institutions from arts centers to K-12 schools to universities
  • Our current president, Cindy Bracker served on the board for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts for 9 years and continues to be involved in the organization
  • Our company financially supports the National K-12 Exhibition and many other educational institutions or projects
  • Throughout Covid we have been fighting hard to keep socially distant ceramics education a possibility for schools across the midwest.

If you know anything about us, you know that providing access to top quality ceramics education and giving artists the opportunity and resources they need to expand their craft and thrive has always been at the forefront of our company values – and we aren’t about to change now.

The Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN is an amazing organization that holds the Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education (MN NICE) program for emerging artists.  This advanced certificate program seeks to help participants find and develop their unique artistic perspective through work with mentors, research of the history of ceramics and its’ ties to their work, gallery access, and teacher/peer critiques.  Graduates ultimately have their work showcased in a graduate exhibition and leave the program prepared to enter into the next stage of their artistic ceramics journey.  You can click here to virtually check out this years’ graduate exhibition!  It’s programs like this one that help pave the way for tomorrow’s artists, set the tone for where our art-form is going, and empower artists to further their education and excel – which is why we here at Bracker’s couldn’t be happier to show our support.

Three or so years ago, Bracker’s made an ongoing commitment to sponsor a scholarship for the MN NICE program for applicants in our area!   Applicants from any of the following surrounding states: Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Missouri, or Oklahoma are eligible for this scholarship which covers a portion of the costs of the three 8-week periods of the intensive program.  We are incredibly honored to be involved in such a wonderful educational program and encourage anyone who feels they can benefit from such an experience  to apply.  Watch our instagram over the next few months as we highlight the program and work from past years’ graduates.  What can YOU accomplish in this unique individualized program?  Find out!   Applications for the next intensive are due by June 1. but NOW is the time to start planning – click here to preview and then fill out an application, take advantage of our scholarship if you live in the surrounding area, and keep your eyes out for our posts about the program and past graduate work!