Bracker’s now has it’s own line of 12 beautiful low-fire glazes.  All colors are $8.99 per pint, or $4.99 for a 4oz jar.  Even more economical is the full set pricing, you can get a full set of pints for $99.99 or a full set of 4oz jars for $44.99.  These glazes also have the added benefit of being forumlated with MAGMA.  While you still need to shake the glaze and stir it up before use, and you might want to add some water to thin it down depending on your desired application, MAGMA makes all of this easier by keeping the glaze in suspension.

We had lots of fun coming up with the names for these glazes too.  Every Bracker’s employee submitted a name for each color, then we voted and from the top vote-getters, Anne, Anne & Cindy made the final selections.  We hope you enjoy the names we picked out for the glazes (listed below the image) and, of course, the glazes themselves.

In the picture below, these glazes are shown on our low-fire Earthenware white utilizing Bill Bracker’s favorite method of making tests.  They are very quick and easy to make – take a coil of clay, squeeze it in your hand, then smack it down on the table so it will stand up.  You then have the benefit in the result of being able to see how the glaze flows over various contours.

  • BGL601 Onyx
  • BGL611 Marshmallow
  • BGL629 Mudpie
  • BGL637 Crazy Crimson
  • BGL641 Tiger LIly
  • BGL655 Forsythia
  • BGL661 Lichen
  • BGL665 Green with Envy
  • BGL673 Morpho Butterfly
  • BGL677 Kansas Blue
  • BGL681 Wysteria
  • BGL691 Tickled Pink

Individual images of each glaze coming soon!

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