The Raku Glaze of the Month has really become my favourite of the three, partially because I’m not a very patient person and Raku is very much of an “instant gratification” process.  I also like fire….of course on days that are in the triple digits, most people, even most pyros, would consider an indoor activity in the air conditioning, not something outside that’s even HOTTER.  And hot, indeed this firing was!  One of the most interesting things about Nebula is that the results can be so very different depending on how hot it gets.  In the past, in cooler firings, This glaze turns out a shimmery-light blue to aqua, often with a flash of purple or  metallic copper.  When fired hotter, however, the aqua colour is supplanted by deep jewel tones and intense metallics, often giving the appearance of a true gold leaf.  A slight blue iridescence is noticeable at certain angles in sunlight, while otherwise simply giving the glaze an incredible depth.  (However, it does make the glaze challenging to photograph!)

4oz jar retail price $5.25, special price $4.20

pint retail price $14.00, special price $11.00


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