Bracker’s is thrilled to announce that the music for our 30 Ring Circus (Saturday, June 30th) will be


The Crumpletons


The Crumpletons (playing from 4 pm to 6 pm) is a band that plays 60s music and assorted psychedelic melodies. Some say they are authentic hippies playing the music they grew up with. The Crumpletons can frequently be seen groovin’  at Liberty Hall, The Granada, Abe & Jakes, and the Jazzhaus.


The Crumpletons Un-Plugged

The Crumpletons band members

Janette Michaels: vocals, flute

Lynn Piller: steel guitar, guitar

Pete Wyman: bass

John Lomas: guitar

Buddy Pettit: drums (not appearing during our party)


Although the choice of songs is completely up to them, here’s a sample playlist in case you haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing The Crumpletons perform live.

  • Eight Days a Week (The Beatles)
  • Badge (Cream)
  • It’s My Life (The Animals)
  • Glad All Over (Dave Clark 5)
  • Feel a Whole Lot Better (The Byrds)
  • Midnight Rambler (The Rolling Stones)
  • Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
  • Heart Full of Soul (The Yardbirds)
  • Hickory Wind (BR5-49)
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