Laugh if you want, but these are all the tools that I had left.  I just couldn’t come up with some nice neat word to describe them all collectively, but take a look because they’re all pretty cool.  If you work with slabs, the Bevel-o-matic is a must have.  The Ultimate Edger, on the other hand, is a great accessory for throwers.  If faceting or texturing is your thing, the ClayFluter and the Steve Tool are for you.  Scroll down for a few pictures!

Item CodeDescription 1Retail PriceBracker’s Price
MATEDGEUltimate Edger$10.99$8.45
MATEDGELGLarge Ultimate Edger$12.99$9.99
MATFLUTERFaceting Tool$12.00$8.85
MATSTEVETOOLThe Steve Tool$18.70$13.50
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