Featured Birthday Special – Jan 26

AMACO Black Underglaze Pencil

AMACO Black Underglaze Pencil

Anne uses AMACO’s black underglaze pencil for marking test tiles as well as errant pots that wind up unsigned and unclaimed around the studio until after the bisque firing. Some of her favorite customers use the underglaze pencils in far more artistic ways. She spotted this delicate flower in Patricia Young’s booth at an art fair last summer and was amazed the detail she could achieve!
Artwork by Kansas artist Patricia Young of Claypatra Creations 
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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 27

Shimpo 25H Banding Wheel

SHBW25H $80.70
Shimpo 25H Banding Wheel

The Shimpo 25H Banding Wheel holds a prominent spot on the shelves in Anne’s studio. The rest of the Bracker’s staff covets Shimpo banding wheels for their many, many uses. Check out his video that Anne’s daughter, Cindy, put together to show off how each of the staff uses Shimpo banding wheels. How do YOU use Shimpo banding wheels? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1X34XIqStk
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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 28

Giffin Grip

GFN10GRIP $170.70
Giffin Grip

Anne couldn’t live without her Giffin Grip when she and her husband Bill were making pots. It was so important that we featured the Tune-Up kit for potters with older Giffin Grips earlier in the month. Watch a short video of Anne using her Giffin Grip here.
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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 29

Cone Art BX2323 Square Kiln

TKK2323BH1 $3125.70
Cone Art BX2323 240 volt, 1ph with furniture kit and maintenance kit

Anne will always be a salt-glaze potter at heart, whether she actually fires in a salt kiln or not. But when Cone Art came out with their square 23” kiln, she immediately said, “Let’s get one in the store!” So we have an extra special deal on the square 23” kiln for any home studio potter, complete with a furniture kit and a maintenance kit.
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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 30

500 Teapots Volume 2

BK500TEA2 $22.70
500 Teapots Volume 2

Teapots, teapots, teapots. Anne LOVES teapots. She loves teapots SO MUCH, that we decided to feature the first 500 Teapots earlier this month and now we’re featuring 500 Teapots Volume 2!
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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 31

Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelf Cleaning Block

Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelf Cleaning Block

I, Anne M (the eldest daughter of Anne W. Bracker) have spearheaded this long list of specials and stories for Mom’s 70th birthday month extravaganza. I couldn’t let the month end without featuring the Kiln Shelf Cleaning Block. Cindy and I heard tons of stories of how it was always Mom’s chore to clean the kiln shelves after each salt kiln firing. And any salt potter knows it’s not a fun task at all. So, with tongue firmly in my cheek, I offer up the final special of the month. I hope everyone who has been following along has had as much fun as I have had putting this together. I know Mom has had a lot of fun reading my take on her stories and has loved hearing from you, especially when you share your own Anne (and Bill) stories with her. Happy Birthday, Mom!
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