Featured Birthday Special – Jan 19

Kemper S-10 Serrated Metal Rib

KTS10 $1.70
**Kemper S10 Scraper**

Before the Dirty Girl Snaggle Tooth Mini, Anne’s go-to scratchy tool was the Kemper S10 serrated rib. When the mood strikes her to go old-school, she finishes her cup of coffee so her hands are just a smidge jittery, picks up the toothy Kemper rib and lets the caffeine and 40 years of experience do what comes naturally. *caffeine not included with this special.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 20

AMACO 14" Plasti-Bat

AMBAT14 $14.70
**AMACO 14″ Plasti-Bat**

When customers look at AMACO bats, one of the first questions they ask is, “which side do I throw on?” Anne has been known to take them into the studio and show them that it’s easy to throw on either side. The answer is very subjective and each potter figures out which side works for them, and often has a different reason. Regardless of your reason, this is a great price on the 14″ AMACO Plasti-Bat, so stock up while the price lasts.

>> Take advantage of the special price Jan 20 – 25! >>

Featured Birthday Special – Jan 21

Clay Slicer

Clay Slicer: January 21-25


**Clay Slicer**

Before there were fancy tools to help you facet pots, Anne used a cheese slicer to facet her pots. You have to throw the walls a little thicker than normal, and then the trick is to start with the slicer at the bottom and pull it up toward the lip while the pot is still attached to the wheel. Once all of the sides have been sliced, you can finish off the rim and the foot to make the faceted sides look cleaner and more finished.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 22

Spectrum Cone 6 1116 Mirror

SPGP1116 $11.70
**Spectrum Pint Cone 6 Mirror 1116**

Mirror, mirror, on the pot, who’s the fairest of the lot? Anne W. Bracker is definitely the fairest potter of OUR motley lot, especially when she uses her favorite new cone 6 glaze from Spectrum – a lustrous glaze that’s so shiny you can see your reflection.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 23

Check back on Friday for this super secret special!

Featured Birthday Special – Jan 24

Ultimate Edger

**Ultimate Edger**

Anne loves this all-in-one finishing rib. It seems like every time she picks it up, she comes up with a new way to use it. How do you use it?

>> Take advantage of the special price Jan 24 – 29! >>


Featured Birthday Special – Jan 25

Lil' Chizler

**Lil’ Chizler**

ANNE’S OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY! While Anne is getting presents from her daughters, she decided to give YOU a present. Add the Chizler to your cart then use the coupon code Anne70 when you order online to get a FREE Lil’ Chizler with your order. Mention the free birthday gift when you order on the phone. And if you come in the store, ask for the birthday girl and she will give out your present personally!

>> Take advantage of the free gift Jan 25 – 30! >>

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