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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 12

Kemper TT4 Turning Tool - half moon right handedKTTT4 $7.70
**Kemper TT4 Half-Moon Turning Tool, right hand**

Remember the Kemper WT6 that was the special tool last Monday, Jan 5th? Well, this is a great alternative for people who don’t have that WT6 skill for “pre trimming” that Anne has. Anne actually uses this tool on occasion, too.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 13

Lucie RieBKLUCRIE $27.70
**Lucie Rie: The Life and Work of Lucie Rie 1902-1995 by by Emmanuel Cooper**

Lucie Rie (1902-1995), one of the 20th century’s most celebrated and iconic potters, combined an acute understanding of modernism with the skills of her chosen craft. During the course of her sixty-year career, she continually honed and refined her work, developing new shapes and surface effects that were distinctly her own. Her delicately shaped bowls, bottles, and other vessels reflect her commitment to simplicity and clarity of form, earning her both critical and popular acclaim. This book contains essays and texts – some of which appeared in early issues of “Ceramic Review Magazine” – from potters, collectors and friends who admired and were influenced by her life and her ceramics. Lucie Rie is Anne’s favorite and most respected potter of all time.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 14

The Steve ToolMATSTEVETOOL $15.70
**The Steve Tool**

Anne’s pottery always features some sort of surface texture. When she was making pots regularly, it was typically a squiggle or swoop of some sort of toothed metal rib or a pattern from a gear through a slip applied to the freshly-made pot while it was still on the wheel. The first time she saw The Steve Tool, she remarked that she it could add a whole new dimension to her sgraffito work.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 15

Giffin Grip Tune-Up KitGFN10UG $40.70
**Giffin Tune-Up Kit**

Anne has had the luxury of using a Giffin Grip since she and Bill made pots full-time back in the late 70s-early 80s. Bill tightened her Giffin Grip onto a bat so she could just pop it on her wheel whenever she needed it. When the pair were in production throwing mode, Anne would trim all of the pots both of them made the day before as her first task each morning. She would have ALL of their pots trimmed before Bill could throw enough to fill a ware board (and he threw FAST). Knowing the parents like I do, I can assume that they took a little coffee break at that point, then Bill would continue throwing and Anne would start throwing, herself. They each had their own little studio room and were separated while they worked, so coffee breaks were a good opportunity to spend a little time together.

For Giffin Grip owners who want to upgrade from the old style black sliders like Anne used to the new Blue Sliders, the Blue Slider Tune-up Kit consists of 3 Blue Basic Sliders with pads and 3 Blue Wide Sliders with pads. Additionally the kit includes reinforced Bottom Brackets and an extra o-ring and shims to replace worn out parts. If you are still using the old style Giffin parts, the new parts make a world of difference. No more wooden blocks with foam pads – the hands are sleek and contoured with a slight flex that cradle your piece as carefully as if you were holding it in your own hands. Anne tuned-up her Giffin Grip as soon as this kit came out… what are you waiting for?

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 16

Bracker Raku KilnRAKUKILN $160.70
**Bracker Raku Kiln**

How could we have specials celebrating the month of Anne’s 70th without offering a special on the Bracker Raku Kiln? Yes, Bill Bracker came up with the original design, but Anne has sold more of the Bracker Raku Kilns than he could have ever imagined back in the early 70s when he created and first used the Bracker Raku Kiln. And who do you think taught the charismatic and knowledgable FireMasters featured at every B’raku event and school in-service raku firing? Yup. Anne Bracker.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 17

AMACO Dark Blue EngobeAMGSE720 $14.70
**AMACO Dark Blue Engobe**

Anne has a love-hate relationship with blue. Many potters do. Pottery decorated with blue seems to always sell better at galleries and art fairs than the same pot with rich browns, warm tans, or mossy greens. There’s no doubt it also looks great with blue, but when you’ve put blue on the 384th pot so far that year, the potter winds up subconsciously resenting the color a little. Now that she’s not producing hundreds of pots a year, she can appreciate blue again. It’s her go-to slip color when she wants to revisit the style she used when making her salt glazed pots, even though she’s firing Cone 6 in an electric kiln these days. AMACO’s Dark Blue Engobe (a fancy French word for a white or colored decorative clay slip) looks especially dramatic over white clay bodies, like the Cone 5/6 Porcelain that Anne loves to use.

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Featured Birthday Special – Jan 18

Drity Girls Snaggle Tooth MiniDRTSNAGMINI $4.70
**Dirty Girls Snaggle Tooth Mini**

Bill Bracker was clever, witty, and definitely mischievous. He would have fallen in love with Dirty Girls Tools and made sure to buy them for *his* Dirty Girl, Anne. The Snaggle Tooth Mini has become a favorite of hers since we got it in from Kentucky Mudworks.

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