I love March because it’s the month when everything starts to get green again.  I wonder if that’s nature’s way of honoring St. Patrick..  OK, probably not, but it does seem appropriate to chose a green glaze for this month.  I’ve recently fallen in love with AMACO’s Verte Lustre.  I saw it at NCECA last year, and when it came time to for me to make something for this year’s NCECA, I decided I needed to do something with Verte Lustre.   I rolled out and textured a bunch of slabs and cut them into circular medallions that varied in size.  Each of these medallions were then bisqued and glazed with one of three of AMACO’s green Potter’s Choice Glazes (specifically Verte Lustre, Lustrous Jade, & Seaweed).   All of them came out beautifully, but the Verte Lustre in particular was absolutely stunning!  AMACO describes the glaze as “A rich copper green that exhibits subtle float and a very lustrous glow. A slight hint of metallic float makes Vert Lustre have a stunning reflectance.”  Pictures truly don’t do this glaze justice.  You have to try it for yourself.  And to tempt you to do so, we have our special featured glaze price…(I always feel like Bob Barker at this point….)

AMACO PC41 Verte Lustre retail price: $9.45

Bracker’s Featured Glaze price: $7.50


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