Just like Spectrum’s most popular glazes from the 1100 stoneware series (reactive surfaces like 1173, 1140, 1145 etc), the new metallic glazes are designed to give different surfaces under different conditions. Below you will find a chart of the 6 new glazes fired to cone 5-1/2 Orton witness cone, with light, medium and heavy application. They are interesting at all thicknesses, but of course it helps to know what to expect.
If you already read about Mars Scape, the June Mid-Fire Glaze of the month, then you already know that this series of metallic glazes contains some unconventional raw materials.

  • Each has a unique viscosity, and that is intentional.
  • Some of the glazes in liquid form will appear to have a “sugary” like material in them. This is also intentional (do not sieve out the granular material as it is essential to the fired effect)
  • As with any new glaze, be sure to test first. Clay body, angle of the piece, firing temperature, and thickness of application will all play a role in the finished look.
  • Pints are $9.50 each and are stocked, Gallons are $59.00 each and are special order





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