As you may remember reading, this year, I turned over the Mid-Fire glaze of the month testing to my friend Aaron Riffel.  It was he who had suggested Opulence Everglade to me, and I’m really glad he did.  I’d seen the fired sample from the board we have here at Bracker’s, and the surface is pretty, both in color and finish, but that small sample just doesn’t do the glaze justice compared to the results on an actual piece.  On a vertical surface, the glaze flows and reveals a lovely variegation of color from soft green to almost a bluish teal on porcelain clays, lovely seafoam shades with frothy creams on stonewares, and on darker bodies, a darker seaweed color develops.

This month, pick up a pound of Everglade to try in your own “environment” for only $5.00!