With our big B’Raku event happening this Saturday, it seemed obvious to highlight a book on Raku.  Steve Branfman, author of Mastering Raku, has been a friend for many years.  He was our first workshop presenter back in 2002, and then returned for a second round in 2007.  This is really somewhat of a third edition book.  Branfman’s first book, Raku: A Practical Approach was first published in June of 1991.  A second edition was released in March 2001, and then in October 2009, Mastering Raku hit bookshelves.  All three versions of the book have been hot sellers (pardon the pun).  While there are many excellent books available on the subject of Raku, if you’re looking for your first one, or if you don’t already own this one, Now is the time to pick up a copy.

From now through October 10th 2014, Mastering Raku, (regularly $21.95), is on special for $17.95 including shipping!

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If you want to learn more about Steve & his work, check out this FANTASTIC video about him:

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