Kindness Week: February 14-22

Mass Street Muggings

5 years ago, we gathered handmade ceramic mugs (some that we made, some that were donated by local artists), and we descended upon our vibrant downtown Lawrence shopping district, Massachusetts street.  We “mugged” random people, and now we’re doing it again, because more than ever, we think the world needs some kindness.

Join our local army of muggers

Start a mugging movement in YOUR community

Promoting handmade work

Sharing the joy of using a handmade object

Part of the beauty of this project is that it not only spreads kindness, but it also brings awareness to the value of using something handmade and special.  My dad said that using a handmade cup is like shaking hands with the potter. While spreading kindness, we want to share that feeling and the value of the handcrafted  item

Local Coffee Shop

La Prima Tazza

We partnered with one of Lawrence’s greatest and oldest local coffee shops, La Prima Tazza, to treat the mugged masses to a delicious cup of coffee.  Stop by to find friendly baristas, cozy atmosphere and the best coffee in Lawrence.

The Science of Kindness

Join the Random Acts of Kindness Club!

Participate in Kindness Week in other ways

We realize that artists are so often asked for donations to good causes.  We also realize that many artists are struggling for their livelihood right now.  But more than anyone else, artists are a generous and kind group of people.  So if you want to help, but donating a mug is not for you, for any reason, here are some other ways to join the movement and spread kindness! 

• Send a handwritten letter

• Give a genuine compliment to people you see every day

• Leave positive sticky notes in random places

 • Donate used towels or blankets to a shelter

• Leave a positive comment on a blog or website

• Leave quarters at the laundromat

• Pay the toll for the car behind you

• Feed a parking meter for someone else

• Buy a cup of coffee for a coworker (or tea or hot chocolate!)

Check out the kindness calendar for February below


From Our 2017 mugging “victims”

When we mugged people back in 2017, we were really touched that our kindness led to more acts of kindness.  One of our recipients took the time to send us a postcard (care of Waxman Candles, where we had “mugged” her):

Dear Bracker’s Clay People,
Several weeks ago i was “mugged” as i hurried along the north side of Waxman’s. I  was so touched that you gave me a mug.  It is one of my all time favorites.  We are passing along the Random Acts of Kindness.  Thank you so much;


Build your own mugging event

We’re sharing our resources so that you can spread the joy outside of Lawrence!  

Access Mugging resources, templates, downloadables here!


More Kindness Resources & Ideas

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Take a deep breath. Open your eyes. Look up. Smile. Everything is going to be alright. We are tired, but we are resolute in our belief that kindness matters. 

Become a RAKtivist

‘RAKtivist’ is short for ‘Random Acts of Kindness activist’. RAKtivists are kindness ambassadors, part of an active, global community helping to make kindness the norm.

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