We are all excited about our NEW Kansas City, Missouri, location, starting May 1st. We are happy to serve our customers and friends with this convenient option. If you can’t make it to Lawrence and are in a hurry for an extra box or two of clay, cones, or an extra jar of glaze (or more!) – this will be perfect for you. Simply call us on our toll free number (888-822-1982) or go online to place your order by 3 in the afternoon – it will there the next day for you to pick up.

How many of you figured out the clues from our messages? We had fun trying to be clever and we hoped it worked.


Anne W Bracker
March was a big month for us, as you likely already know. As Anne mentioned above, we’re opening a new location in Kansas City in just a little over a month now, So a large part of the past month was devoted to getting everything ready for that. Additionally, Dave was at the Missouri Art Education Association conference, Cindy & Jeanette were at NCECA, and we capped off the month hosting a great Raku workshop for Ottawa High School students!

April Coming Attractions
On April 1st, we’ll have new Glaze of the Month Specials, and the RAKU glaze of the month will be returning to the lineup! Want a preview? AMACO R15 Caribbean Blue, AMACO LT34 Antique Brown, & Spectrum 1114 Gold Rain will be on special next month. Watch the blog for images & details about each of those glazes! 

If you haven’t already, be sure to mark your calendar for April 12! It’s the second Saturday of the month, and our annual Spring B’Raku Extravaganza! I’ve been playing around with a few new glazes to add to the mix. Crusty Lusty will be back, along with some commercial glazes, but you’ll have to show up to find out what the current glaze-love of my life is!

And if you like to be social and work in clay at the same time (come on, who doesn’t love both those things????), then plan to join us for our community studio night on April 17th. Watch the blog for details about the theme of the afternoon!

We’re also looking forward to seeing Independence Community College students at their campus and teaching another raku workshop on Friday, April 5th, teaching an in-service for the Blue Valley Teachers on April 14th, and another Raku workshop in Yates Center on the 16th. Dave will also be jurying the Shawnee Mission District Student Art Show on the 25th! April will definitely be a busy month around Brackers! 

Looking ahead to May, don’t forget that May 1st our Kansas City location opens for pick-up of any order! And make plans to visit beautiful Lawrence on May 4th for Art in the Park, then make a return visit on May 10th for our second Saturday!

March Event Recap
The weather finally cooperated and Richard James briefly demonstrated some of his throwing skills and then showed off several sculpting techniques for his Second Saturday. Throughout the day, he worked on a large terra cotta figure that one lucky attendee took home to Nebraska to fire (the image below shows the figure braced with wooden rulers to protect it for the ride), with detailed instructions from Richard.  
Trivia from the day: Richard is the first Second Saturday artist to work while wearing a tie… around his neck… tied normally like a business person (possibly a Windsor knot, but we’re not too familiar with neckties around Brackers!). 
Third Thursday was on hiatus for the month since Cindy and Jeanette were in Milwaukee, WI for the NCECA Conference. But before Cindy left, she did record an awesome video for our Friday Fun video series on creating beveled edges on slab tiles. 

Future Workshops
Cindy returned from NCECA full of ideas for workshops.  We have a few artists we are looking into, and want your input!  Click below to take our poll!


2014 Spring Workshop
Back in August, 2013, Eric Stearns was our featured Second Saturday Artist. We had a live webcast during his demo, which you can see below. Every single person who watched his demo begged us to invite Eric back for a more formal two-day workshop. How could we say no?  

Our two-day workshop (June 7-8, 2014) with Eric Stearns will include his pierced and incised work and he will share how he makes double-walled pots. More information will be available in the next two weeks. Register by April 12 for $200. After that date, the price is $250. Our two-day workshops include lunch on both days. If you need a hotel, check this site for a list. 
Specials on Shop.Brackers.com
Have you struggled with smoothing the canvas texture off of your slab? Would you like to create nice beveled edges on 4″ or 2″ tiles? Do you want a clean canvas upon which to impress your texture? Once you’ve view the video Cindy recorded (shown here!), it might just solve ALL of those problems for you! AND we even created two customizable kits for you (a 4″ Slabtastic Kit and a 2″ Slabtastic Kit), full of the products in the video!  Just use the coupon code SmoothSlabs at the end of checkout to get 20% off either kit (or both)! 
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