The weather report for this Saturday includes lots of wind and a high chance of rain and thunderstorms. Neither of those conditions are good for raku firing, so we are postponing our Raku Second Saturday until Saturday, March 30th.
Even though we have a new Raku date of March 30th, we will still raku if weather cooperates tomorrow (March 9th) and allows us to fire for a little bit.

Due to the popularity of this event, we will limit everyone to two pieces each (maximum). Please Check in up front with Anne W. Bracker upon arrival.

Raku firing has a rich history, dating back to 16th century Japan. Today’s raku has changed to take advantage of gas firing as well as the materials readily available in the USA. Raku firing is a fast glaze firing (bisque firing first is necessary) that only takes 45 minutes to an hour. This fast firing time gives potters an opportunity to see nearly instantaneous results. Including the time to glaze a piece, fire it, put it in the reduction chamber (a garbage can with sawdust or other combustible material and a tight lid) and then clean it up from the post-firing reduction, you can see a finished piece in less than 2 hours.
Feel free to bring your own bisque-fired pot to glaze and fire. If you don’t have your own, a handful of generous potters have worked hard to create and bisque-fire some pots you can purchase for a few bucks each to glaze and fire to experience raku firing with us. If you love to make pots and want to bring extra bisque to sell, feel free to bring it with you! Half of the proceeds goes to Bracker’s and half to you. Learn how the process works or just have fun glazing a pot you can take home with you that same day.
Cindy and David will be the firemasters for the day. MAKE SURE TO LISTEN TO THEM! Wear sturdy shoes (no sandals or other open-toed shoes) and if you have long hair, bring a rubber band or something to keep your hair secured. We’ll provide a selection of glazes, kilns, and reduction materials.
Glazes used for the Spring 2013 raku firing: Crackle White, Ferguson Blue, Amaco R21 Crackle Yellow, Laguna R27 Shinju, and Spectrum 864 Sunspot.
A variety of food will be available. Bracker’s typically grills something (like hotdogs, for example) and anyone can bring other yummy things to eat. Bringing food is not required, but participants have turned this into such a fun potluck event by bringing chips, soda, potato salad, fruit, desserts, etc. and you’re welcome to bring something if you’d like.
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