Austin Miller would like to use his March Saturday to demonstrate the unusual ways he approaches his process, using common and a few uncommon methods of working at the wheel. 10968383_10203865232418382_3357392348285367561_nSpontaneously formed cups and bowls, trimming practices and decorations will be the focus. Creating an open dialogue about topics in and outside ceramics will most likely influence the results of the day’s work, which will be a secondary focus.

In his 4th year at the University of Kansas, Jeremie “Austin” Miller is pursuing a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Ceramics. 1555511_10203865233458408_5164160134595877273_nBorn and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he became interested in ceramics at a young age and made his first real step into the world of Ceramics as a 2nd year undergrad. He is eager to learn more about working with clay, such as forming, firing, glazing, and other artist’s processes, and applying them to make his own unique style.

Artist Statement

My artist’s statement is unique, I am not an artist, or at least I do not consider myself one. I am, Afraid. My own fear does not manifest physiologically, but existentially. Fear, is my most powerful inspirer and motivator to create work, also to succeed in life. Currently, I am dedicated in the field of ceramics and a student at the University of Kansas. This, I find, is an atmosphere in which I can express, acknowledge, and overcome being afraid, as I believe that clay has its own way of communicating the feeling of those who work with the material, leaving traces of the creator on and under the surface. One can either remove or cover the allusions of their selves in clay, or leave them to be seen or felt, which is very… Human.

10421249_10203865230978346_6671135465940180507_nMy work and interests include concepts of theoretical science, identity, reality, humanity, and consciousness, as these areas intrigue me the most. While my focus is creating work of self-expression using hand building and wheel throwing forming methods, fear of lacking knowledge and ability are exhibited in my simplistic and easily understandable forms, but, just like most artwork, and in life, there is more than meets the eye. This, for myself, is my biggest inspiration to explore new ideas and most valuable information about the choices I have made and work I’ve created. This is why I feel that the Ceramic field scares me the most, (and excites me) as the process is patient, volatile, and there is an unknown, yet, finite outcome.

My theory is that there are two stages in the Ceramic process: alterable and unalterable. These stages are unique to the individual, and a choice. This is only one theory, and arguable, like theories of science, identity, self-awareness, consciousness, etc., not unlike my own methods and reasons behind my present work, which are constantly changing with time. As to the future, I am unsure which path or method I will choose in clay, (or in life) and I am unafraid of this idea

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