We were so fortunate to have Robin Hopper here at Bracker’s for a workshop before he stopped teaching them.   I sincerely believe he is one of the most humble, beautiful, giving and downright funny folks in our industry (and I say that knowing our industry is FULL of wonderfully giving people!)  I had professors in college who would refer to the “800 pound gorillas” of my then-field of study (music education)…I think it is easily agreed upon that Robin is definitely one of those for clay!  Beyond being an exceptional potter, Hopper has also written some of the most informative and important books in our field, all of which should really be on any ceramic artist’s nightstand or bookcase.  Previously, Anne W. Bracker wrote about one of her favourite Hopper books, Functional Pottery.  Today, I’m reviewing one of mine: Making Marks.

While online sources might have exhausting offerings of tomes from which to chose, one of the things I love most about brick & mortar bookstores is being able to flip through the books themselves.   Because not everyone lives close enough to come in to browse at Bracker’s in person, I created a short video (60 seconds) of flipping through Making Marks:

[vsw id=”S–B-1g0XHc” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]

You may have noticed at the beginning of the video that the table of contents is EXTENSIVE and provides a beautiful outline of everything the book covers (which is, frankly, everything anyway, but it tells you where all of that everything is broken down.)  A few pages later, in the introduction, the complete contents are laid out again, in prose format, almost as if Robin himself is explaining the book to you, chapter by chapter.  For example,

Chapter 11: The Ceramic Spectrum and Electric Palette

This is an extension of Chapter 5, particularly relating to the variables of ceramic colorants and basic suggestions for their use and development, mixing, and application.  The chapter is divided into three parts of the spectrum: “Hot to Trot” (red, yellow, orange); “Play It Cool” (green/blue); and “Mood Indigo” (darker aspects).

Much like being a participant at a Robin Hopper workshop, reading his books makes you feel like he is speaking directly to you.  Now you can have your own Voice of Robin Hopper in your head (or on your bookshelf).  From now through September 15th (or while supplies last), his book will be on sale for $10 off the cover price

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for only $34.95 with FREE shipping!


DSC00862.JPGOne last side note about Robin… my kids are wholly convinced he’s Santa Claus.  He even gave them each $5 before he left to return to Canada.  I’d say Robin Hopper definitely takes the cake!



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