Oil and Vinegar Ewers by Posey Bacopoulos, New York, NY “Oil and Vinegar Ewers” by Posey Bacopoulos, New York, NY

These brilliant and versatile Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors (GDC) can be applied in a variety of different techniques and stay brilliant and sharp from cone 06 to cone 6 (some colors will change at higher temperatures). Use as a Majolica overglaze with an opaque glaze underneath, as an underglaze, or alone as a one step glaze. All of these techniques can be achieved at low-fire as well as at cone 5/6, making GDC’s a great choice for multiple effects. All 36 GDC colors are AP non-toxic and are true to raw form color. Unfired GDC glazes are intermixable like paint, and the brush lines stay crisp through the firing process.

GDC’s used over AMACO® LG-11 Opaque White glaze:

First developed in Persia, the Majolica technique has a long, rich history in ceramics. Characterized by bright colors and fluid brush strokes, historical Majolica ware can be seen in architectural tile works, decorative ceramics, and functional pottery. Today, Majolica ware is still being produced by both artists and industry. Apply 3 coats of LG-11 Opaque white and 1-3 coats of GDC’s for translucent to opaque designs.

“Fat Vase” by Linda Arbuckle, Micanopy, Florida shows GDC’s over low-fire Opaque White glaze.


GDC’s over AMACO® White Arroya glaze over AMACO® Deco GlossBlack Lacquer DG-1:

For interesting textures and variations in pattern, use three flowing coats of DG-1 and 1 coat of Arroya before applying design with GDC’s. Glaze fire once to cone 05. Thick application of Arroya will result in large breaks; thin application will result in small dense patterns. Scoring through glaze layers will create break lines for Arroya Glaze to “crawl” along.

“Tiles” by Diana Faris, Indianapolis, Indiana show
GDC’s over Amaco® White Arroya Glaze.

GDC’s used over AMACO® Liquid Matt Black LM-1 or AMACO® Deco Gloss Black Lacquer DG-1:

Apply three coats of Black glaze to 04 bisque ware. Use three coats of GDC for opaque bright colors over black or 1 to 2 coats for varying degrees of GDC color saturation. Warm colors like Light Red, Yellow or Violet will appear brighter, cool colors like Mint Green, Medium Blue, or Purple will appear darker.

“Neo-majolica Platter” by Walter Ostram, Nova Scotia, Canada, shows GDC’s over AMACO® LM-1 glaze.

This platter by Steve Howell, Gainesville, Florida
shows GDC’s over Amaco® DG-1 glaze.

GDC’s as underglaze with AMACO® Clear Transparent LG-10 or HF-10on top:

Used on cone 04 bisque, GDC’s are an easy to apply underglaze color. Use three coats for opaque coverage or 1-2 coats to see the clay body underneath. Sponge or brush one coat of LG-10 lightly followed by two flowing brush coats for dinnerware safe surfaces. Tip: this technique can be used with High Fire HF-10 for cone 5/6 firings.

“Farm Scene” by Noelle Hoover, Indianapolis, Indiana
shows GDC’s under AMACO® LG-10 Clear glaze.

GDC’s alone:

GDC’s in thick application will become a semi-gloss glaze. Apply at least four coats to cone 04 bisque for gloss glaze or 2-3 coats for matt textured glaze. You must apply four coats to achieve an even glossy surface for dinnerware safe pottery.

“Spring Flowers” by Jeff Sandoe, Indianapolis, Indiana
shows GDC’s alone on unglazed bisqued tiles.

GDC’s over AMACO® White HF-11 cone 5/6 for “High Fire Majolica”:

Used over HF-11, GDC’s will retain crisp brush strokes and color at mid and high fire temperatures. Use 3 flowing coats of HF-11 Opaque White to cone 04 bisque and 1-3 coats of GDC for translucent to Opaque designs, fire to cone 5. GDC colors will begin to move on vertical surfaces at temperatures above cone 6.

“Dutch Studies” by Diana Faris, Indianapolis, Indiana
shows GDC’s over AMACO HF-11 White glaze.

GDC’s over pre-glazed tile:

Most pre-glazed ceramic ware can be decorated using GDC’s with beautiful effects. Unlike other glazes, GDCs will not crack, run, or flake off most pre-fired surfaces. Fire to cone 04 and always test first to ensure clay body and temperature compatibility. Tip: look for ware marked “porcelain” or “microwave” safe.

“Waves” by Noelle Hoover, Indianapolis, Indiana shows
AMACO® GDC’s over pre-glazed wall tiles.

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