When selecting a Glaze of the month, I often wander around Bracker’s Showroom and wait for inspiration to hit me.  Sometimes I’ll hear a little whisper from the shelves from an under-appreciated glaze.   There are so many options, especially at low-fire, that it’s easy to overlook a diamond in the rough.  AMACO’s Magic Flow glazes are a good example of a line of glazes that have been traditionally underutilized.  I’ve only just begun to experiment with these glazes and it is merely the tip of the iceberg.  On this first batch of tests, I chose three from the line: White, Rose & Turquoise.  I tested each on low fire white and red clay.  Then on pieces thrown with Flint Hills Terra Blanc, I applied a 2 coats of a variety of low fire glazes, both solid color (AMACO Teacher’s Palette Glazes) and texture/variegated glazes (Spectrum 900 series).  Then, on the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the piece, I applied two coats of one of the three Magic Flow Glazes I was testing.  I chose one piece to try multiple Magic Flow colors and I was absolutely thrilled with results.  The Magic Flows flowed nicely through one another and throw the base glaze.  I am really excited to try more with these glazes, varying the number of coats, perhaps using a spatter technique, using them over textured pieces….my mind is whirling at the options.  Pick up a couple of pints and try them yourself while they’re available at this great price!

AMACO Magic Flow Glazes Regular Price: $12.95-$13.50

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month Price: $10.00 (any color!)

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