In our ongoing efforts to better serve our loyal customers, we are constantly evaluating our delivery routes and rates. Make sure you are on our EMAIL LIST for regional delivery announcements and scheduling.

Our delivery prices are often less than getting a shipment on a freight truck, but in order to maintain those low costs, we do have to fill our entire truck before sending it out to make deliveries.  For further away points, this does take some time to coordinate.   We are now also offering delivery consolidation!  If your order does not meet the weight minimum, or if you want to save money on delivery, you can meet our truck at any of our other delivery stops.  Once the delivery route and stops are determined, we will provide you with pickup location options.  You will pay the same weight charge as listed below, but only a $15 consolidation charge rather than the full flat rate amount.  

  • Delivery Zone A: Roughly 40 miles from our store (includes the greater Kansas City & Topeka Areas) – $50 plus 3¢/# (350# order minimum, 6000# truck minimum)
  • Delivery Zone B: Roughly 40-80 miles (includes further out suburbs of KC and Topeka  ) – $60 plus 6¢/# (1000# order minimum, 7000# truck minimum)
  • Delivery Zone C: Roughly 80-125 miles (includes Emporia, Salina, Manhattan ) – $80 plus 8¢/# (2500# minimum, 8000# truck minimum)
  • Delivery Zone D: Roughly 125-200 miles (includes Lincoln, Omaha, Columbia, Wichita ) – $100 plus 10¢/# (4000# minimum, 9,000# truck minimum)

If you are in a hurry for your order, we have good freight options as well, and we are very excited to have negotiated excellent delivery service with FedEx that includes taking your order off of their truck and up to your door.

During our heaviest delivery seasons in August/September and again in January, we will plan two separate delivery days into some of the more remote areas in our Delivery zones B, C and D and will work with all school districts in those areas to combine multiple orders.