Do you want to be part of an exciting new event at Bracker’s?  Are you the type of person who looks for opportunities to grow and change?  We are looking for a few artists who are willing to go on a bit of an adventure with us.   Let your ideas expand and your artwork evolve, or just join us for some summertime fun and frolic…

During the month of May, we have been asking for your anonymous opinions about collaboration.  We’ve already gotten some excellent feedback and interest.  As an artist, here is what you can expect from Bracker’s:

  • Studio Space containing
    • sink with clay trap,
    • 3 Brent C Wheels,
    • North Star Slabroller (24″ Super),
    • North Star Extruder,
    • a variety of work tables,
    • wedging table,
    • kiln for bisque firing,
    • assorted tools
  • Housing for artists who don’t live close enough to commute (Cindy’s house)
  • up to $50 in materials and supplies provided
  • marketing/exposure via social media

We are also looking into the possibility of mounting a show for the 50th anniversary NCECA conference (within the Bracker’s booth in the Resource Hall),  displaying/selling the finished pieces from the collaborations.  Preliminarily, we are thinking that Bracker’s would take a 20% commission and the remaining 80% would be split between the two artists.

Interested in participating?  Fill out the form below by Midnight, May 29th, 2015 to be considered for a summer collaboration!

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