In honour of our Second Saturday Raku Event, we decided to add a Raku Glaze of the Month to our Low-Fire and Mid-Fire Featured Glazes.  It seemed only fitting to select my favourite commercial Raku Glaze for the first featured Raku Glaze, Laguna Tutti Frutti.

Several years ago, when we had Steve Branfman back for a second Raku workshop, we performed an interesting experiment.  We wanted to see how much impact various reduction materials made on the final effect of the glazed piece.  In this experiment, 9 pots were glazed with Tutti Frutti Raku Glaze.  To minimize variables other than the reduction material itself, all pieces were dipped from the same bucket in direct succession, all by the same person.  The pieces were fired in one kiln load, then the pots were placed into various reduction materials.  a smooth and a textured pot was placed into each of 4 reduction chambers (excelsior, leaves, sawdust, straw)  One smooth piece was left in the air to show the glaze in oxidation. These are the results:

Tutti Frutti is regularly $7.75 for a 5# bag.

Our Featured Glaze Special Price is

only $6.75 for a 5# bag.