Spectrum Texture Kiwi Fruit has been a longtime favorite of mine and many other people.  It is one of the most user-friendly, can’t-get-it-wrong, works-every-time glazes I’ve ever used.  It’s a beautifully flowing glaze, yet it’s never run off of a pot and ruined a shelf, and I have yet to see it on a clay body that it didn’t look good on.  It works well with other glazes, even when those glazes are not the same brand!  This glaze is popular with both potters and pottery-buyers, which is always a good thing.  It’s beautiful on textured pieces or smooth pieces.  And while it can vary from bluish tints to greenish tints, it is all but guaranteed to not disappoint.  In fact, I feel like I want to put a piece with Texture Kiwi Fruit in every kiln load, just so that I know I have something dependably beautiful in every load.  Enjoy!

Spectrum 1140 Texture Kiwi Fruit:

Regular PINT Price: $11.00

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month PINT Price: $8.75

10#Bag Retail Price: $65.00

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month 10# dry price: $50.00