I have heard people ask for Kingman, Kin-jin, King-in, king-ghin, king-jin and sometimes, the safer “Laguna R-26”.  I’m not really sure how to pronounce it either, for that matter, so, I looked it up (what did I do before google?).  All I could find was references to a Japanese cartoon (Manga) from the Naruto series.  The Kingin Kyōdai are the “Gold & Silver Brothers”.  I have to say, I like Laguna’s creativity, AND their accuracy, because this glaze REALLY is gold and silver!  Take a look for yourself in the gallery below, then CLICK HERE to buy this beautiful Raku glaze.

Laguna R 27 Regular Retail Price (5# bag): $19.70

Special Glaze of the month Price (5# bag): $15.75


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