AMACO’s Jewel Brown has long been one of my favourite low-fire glazes.  It is a lovely shade of brown, somewhat reminiscent of a Hershey’s Chocolate bar, with nice depth and opacity and just the right amount of gloss.  BUT, the real gem of this glaze is the gold flecks that seem to float on and just below the surface.  The thicker the application, the more flecks of gold you will see in the final version.  I typically apply about 4 coats.  I also found that for my personal preference, the glaze looked most beautiful over smooth surfaces, however I did observe more of the gold colour over the texture.  Perhaps a minimal and smoother texture on the surface would provide optimal results?  If you work in low fire, it’s definitely a glaze you want to have, and now’s a great time to pick up a pint!

Retail price $17.95/pint

Special Glaze of the month price $14.25

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