If you’ve never tried the AMACO Arroya series, you’re missing out!  Arroya glazes produce a unique carved effect when fired over gloss or matte unfired glazes.  The heavier the application, the larger the break-up effect and the more matte the finish.  Recommended firing temperature for Arroya glazes is Cone 05.

We are particularly fond of the Arroya White because of its versatility.  It looks beautiful over a wide variety of colored glazes, but what really makes this one of our favorites is that you can tint the Arroya White with velvet underglazes or Mason Stains to create a full palette of colors.

Interested in seeing other ways to use the Arroya Glazes?  AMACO created a Whimsical Fish Lesson Plan using them!

We think the Arroya White Rocks, and hope you will too!


As an incentive to try Arroya White, we will have it on sale until next month’s glaze is announced.  It comes in a 4oz Jar, retail price of $3.49.

Our featured glaze special price is $2.75

Choose the original formula (shown on the green bowl) or the soft arroya white (shown on the red rock).  Enjoy!

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