Jan’s Second Saturday will focus on handbuilt and thrown teapots.  Jan received a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Northwest Missouri State University in 1970 and a Master of Arts in Ceramics from Emporia State University in 1980.  She received numerous awards and honors for excellence in teaching at Shawnee Heights High School over nearly 3 decades, including 5 Master Teacher Awards. She retired from teaching in 2002.  Jan’s work is currently available through The Collective Art Gallery in Topeka, KS and Beauchamp’s Art Gallery in Topeka, KS.

About Jan & her work:

TEAPOTS! I never tire of making teapots. To find new relationships between body, spout, handle, foot, and lid is a never ending challenge. I combine thrown and slab built sections to form various geometric shaped teapots. I love the complexity of joining multiple parts to form a whole. Certainly a well-made, functioning vessel is important to me but the expressive nature of the form and surface dominates over actual utility.

One of my all-time favorite books is Centering by the late M.C. Richards. She compares the person’s search for identity to the process of centering a lump of clay. She states that in working with clay the outer forces of the hand feel the resistance of the mass of clay. Simply more pressure is not enough to force the clay on center. It takes support and influence of the right kind to control the clay’s spinning action. So it is with people. Our lives are a continual search for the balance of needs, responsibilities, and desires. Learning to know what support and influence we require to feel centered is what life is about. When I am making teapots, I feel centered. 

~Jan Van Meter

Second Saturdays are FREE and open to the public — potters and pottery enthusiasts alike. No need to RSVP, just show up on the Second Saturday of each month and stay for as long as you’d like. Snacks are always available and vary each month (from cheese & crackers to cookies, fruit to chocolate-raspberry tartlets, and everything in between).

Bracker’s Good Earth Clays, Inc. started their Second Saturdays Artist Series in December 2008 and continues to feature potters who throw on the wheel, handbuild, and sculpt both functional and non-functional pottery. The artists selected for the series can inspire casual art lovers with a new perspective on how pottery is created, an educator who is seeking new ideas for their students, and even a professional potter on a quest for continuing education of their craft.

Upcoming Artists:

NovemberDilesh Fernando & Kim Brook

DecemberDanny Meisinger
JanuaryJared Pfeiffer
FebruaryKeleigh Scheuermann
AprilEleanor Heimbaugh
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