Reflections on 2019 and a look ahead to the new year…
(In case you missed this note at the very bottom of our long December Newsletter, i wanted to repost it here on our Website….)

I’d like to thank all of the folks who made this year such a good year for Brackers.  From the staff here, Anne, Anne, Dave, Jeanette, Chris, Julie, Tristan, Cheryl, Willow, Sophie & Ella to our incredible suppliers and of course, you, our customers, I feel so happy and yes, blessed, to have so many wonderful people in my life.  The world of clay really is a great family.  Just a couple of days ago, I got an email from one of our favourite K-12 educators from Des Moines, Dara Green.  She is really a trailblazer with her flipped classroom (check out the video on NCECA’s YouTube Channel) She has a great approach to teaching, and it shows in her students.  Recently, Dave was fixing their kilns remotely via Facetime with a couple of her seniors being his hands.  Anyway, she had suggested it would be fun for us to post some of our sales on instagram so that she could share them to their instagram so that the parents of these young potters could help find gifts for the upcoming seasonal shopping festivities.  And then the students helped write a list.  So watch for that on instagram,  These will be specials in addition to what you read about here, and if you have your own ideas, let me know!  I LOVE collaborations and spreading the love of clay.  I’m already working on a brainstormy thing that I hope to do with the Lawrence High School art teachers as well so stay tuned for that in the new year as well!   There might also be some new claybodies that we have been working on developing for a few months.  They’ll be ready to test soon and I’m gonna need some willing subjects to help me.  more on that next month.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I’d like to refer you to the image above regarding our Holiday Hours.  As you are thinking about that, I want to also make sure you know that Dave and I will be gone from Dec 23-January 6.  (So tell your kilns to behave.) A few other employees are also taking some time off during the holidays, so please allow a little extra response or order prep time as we will be a bit short staffed.  We hope that you all are able to spend time with your loved ones, but we also understand that sometimes your loved one is your beloved clay studio and maybe your studio cat or dog.  So we’ll still be here to get you what you need, there will just be fewer of us.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,
Cindy Bracker & the Bracker’s crew