Hollie Rice earned a BFA in ceramics and art history from The University of Kansas, and is currently completing her master’s in visual arts education. Her work can be seen at the Olive Gallery in Lawrence, and in numerous other exhibitions in and around Lawrence and Kansas City.

Hollie RiceHollie employs a variety of materials in her work; she often uses clay alone, but is not afraid to use metal, wood, glass or anything else that can help to communicate a particular idea successfully. She prefers to work in clay because of its flexible nature and endless array of possibilities. Her current body of work is a collection of low- and high-fired ceramic birthday cakes. Her cakes reflect her playful sense of humor, as does most of her sculptural work.


Artist’s Statement:  Wood Fired Vodka Flask For me, creating things is as essential to my survival as breathing. The creative process allows me to explore the world around me. I am continuously soaking up knowledge and expanding my mind. I strive to create approachable things. Often, I discover my sense of humor has found its way into the artwork I make. I find value in lightheartedness and simple things. As an artist I constantly seek varied experiences and perspectives to fuel my work. I attempt to make unpretentious objects that possess beauty on multiple levels. I enjoy when the process of making things is present in the final product. I have many ideas. I use multiple materials. The best days are when I can spend all day in my studio creating things. No matter what I am making, I always try to do my best.



November 14: Maria Morales (from 323 Clay studio, Independence, MO)

December 12: Annual Holiday Open House Party


Unfired Thirsty Jug Hollie’s Teaching Philosophy: I am a teacher as well as a lifelong lover of learning. I do teach art, but am not solely an art teacher. Most importantly, I am a creative problem-solving instructor. I strive to help people create things and learn how to think. There is great value in the process of creating art, and in learning to experiment and explore. In today’s educational climate, it is often difficult for students to obtain the necessary skills to become excellent creative problem solvers. A solid foundation in art education can serve as the bridge for this gap. I hope to help my students create thoughtful high-quality artwork while also strengthening their ability to think creatively and interact with the world around them. Strong creative problem solving skills are vital to success in every subject area and career. I firmly believe that teachers need to be adaptable, flexible, approachable, creative, well rounded, and professional in order to succeed. I try daily to embody these qualities.

Tall Celadon VaseHollie’s Teaching Experience:
 Throughout my career as an educator I have sought out a wide variety of teaching opportunities in public, private, and non-traditional educational settings. I taught elementary school and adult classes for several years, and I currently teach high school at Olathe North in Olathe, KS. I have been teaching at the Lawrence Arts Center since 2001. During my time there I have been very fortunate to teach classes ranging in subject matter and age, from preschoolers to adults. My teaching adventure there has covered everything from metalsmithing, jewelry, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, ceramics and beyond. I thoroughly enjoy teaching so many different skill levels, personalities, and varied age groups. I find it very rewarding to be exposed to different types of people and to teach in different environments. I learn from my students every day, probably even more than they learn from me.

Hollie Rice Lung tilesHollie’s Educational Experience: I grew up in Lenexa, KS and attended school from Kindergarten through High School in Olathe, KS. After high school I attended Johnson County Community College and the University of Kansas. I am currently in the process of completing a second masters degree program from Emporia State University. I hold degrees from the University of Kansas in Art History, Art Education, and Ceramics. In 2005 I completed the graduate certification program in Visual Arts Education at the University of Kansas. During graduate school at KU I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the school of design. In 2012 I graduated with a Masters of Science in Education and Curriculum Design from Emporia State University. I have always strived to be a well-rounded individual. I try to participate in as many different activities as I can. In college I received scholarships for art, athletics, and academics. I was a member of the University of Kansas varsity women’s rowing team, as well as the KU women’s rugby team. I took a huge variety of classes and changed my major five times. As a teacher, I often encourage my students to get involved and to create a multifaceted educational experience for themselves. I firmly believe that the varied experiences of my background inform both the type of artwork that I make, and the way I approach my role as an educator and student.