June 6th, 1970 is a special day indeed.  On that beautiful day, a young lady, born and raised in the Texas Hill Country,  married an Iowa farmer turned artist and eventually gave birth to Bracker’s Good Earth Clays (as well as two daughters who both WORK at Brackers).  Anne & Bill Bracker enjoyed a whirlwind romance that began in Seguin, TX, blossomed in West Layfayette, IN and finally put down roots in Lawrence, KS.  Bill died in 1993, but the legacy of their love lives on in Anne and their children, Anne M & Cindy. It has even expanded to include a son-in-law, David and grandchildren Kelli, Sophie & Daphne.   The Bracker’s staff, past and present, and so many of our customers who feel like part of the family have been touched by Anne & Bill, even those who only know Bill by the stories we all tell.  To honor this day and their love, we have some special sales and ONE CHALLENGE laid down….

First the specials….

Anne was known for her honey pots, so we’ve got a HONEY of a deal for you….

HONEY DIPPERS are on sale for the next week 50¢ off!

(honey dipper displayed upside down in image on right to show “the business end”)

The Daisy is Anne’s favorite flower.  Bill planted daisies all over the yard so that he would always be able to bring Anne flowers.  Therefore, all “DAISY” items are on sale for the next week:

Anne & Bill both threw pots on Brent Model C Wheels.

So for the next week,

if you buy a Brent Model C Wheel

you will get a box of clay FREE.

That’s one pound of clay

for every year since their wedding day.

Now for the challenge/contest, but first, a little backstory….

You may or may not know that Bill & Anne’s first date ended up being at a junkyard.   Bill had PLANNED to take Anne to a nice dinner, but on the way there, he happened to see a big truck full of old band instruments headed the other way down the highway.   He whipped a “uueey” and followed that truck to its destination.  He convinced the owner of the junkyard to not sell or smash those instruments until he got there the next day.  Anne figured this man was either completely insane or he was a genius,  and she was absolutely right.  He ended up creating an incredible fountain out of old flutes, clarinets, saxophones & trumpets.  Bill was always creating treasures from trash.    He is well known for some of it, especially his metal spiders and grate people.

Recently, we went through all of our moist clay and culled out the blocks that had sat around too long, aged and hardened.   Rather than throw them in the trash, we are challenging YOU to turn them into treasure.  We will GIVE you a 25# block of clay.  Carve it like a piece of marble, or slake it down and sculpt it from scratch, the choice is yours, just use it to create something interesting, unique and worthy of display.  Everyone who enters a “treasure” into our contest will receive a $50 gift certificate to Brackers.  Finished pieces will be fired and displayed outside Bracker’s in a “roadside revelations” style gallery for all who traverse 24-40 highway to see and enjoy.  Not only that, the WINNER (chosen by Anne W Bracker) will receive something REALLY special in addition to the gift certificate, and there may also be prizes for 2nd & 3rd place as well as honorable mentions chosen.  Of course this will also be documented on our website and social media, so be sure to let us know your instagram/facebook/twitter handles as well.

Junkyard Challenge Contest Details:

25# of hard clay will be provided to the participant at no charge.  What you do with it is up to you:

  • you may slake it down and sculpt it from scratch
  • you may carve it like a block of stone
  • you may use glue, duct tape, bailing wire etc
  • you may add found objects
  • you may leave it unfired
  • you may bring it to Brackers and ask us to fire it
  • you may fire it and add surface treatments
  • you may use non-ceramic surface treatments

The contest will last 50 days.  (That means the deadline is Saturday July 25th, 2020). 

don’t hesitate to use your creativity and pull an artistic “uueey” like Bill did

Every participant who completes the challenge will receive a $50 gift certificate to Brackers.  Finished artwork becomes property of Bracker’s and may be displayed indoors, outdoors or virtually (all work will be properly credited online)

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