Frequently overheard at Brackers (usually shouted from the front showroom in the general direction of my office):  “Hey Cindy, what’s a good book for hand building?”  OK, really, you could insert a number of things at the end of that sentence, but because everyone else out is a thrower (I struggled not to say wheel snob there…oops, I guess I just did anyway), I apparently represent the entire planet of handbuilders.  It’s ok, I don’t mind, AND, as a bonus, that frequently asked question quite happily led me to really take a look at Shay Amber’s Hand Building Book, from the Ceramics for Beginners Series.  This book does an excellent job of demonstrating several techniques and then providing a couple of projects and a gallery of images for each.  As a bonus, there’s a section on surface decoration, glazing and firing.  I also really love the templates that are included!

Now through May 31,2014 add this book to your library for only $20, shipping included!

Take a look at a few images below from the book:

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