“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse

In this time where students and makers alike find themselves struggling to continue their study and exploration of studio art, I am reminded of how true Matisse’s words are.   As Universities, K-12 Schools, and Community art centers have closed, many of us are suddenly without instructors and without a wheel or kiln. But we still have that need to create in clay.  

Now is the best time to take that leap and try (or rediscover) hand building.

After seeing the videos that Cindy posted on our YouTube channel [Thank you to Deena Amont for her high school ceramics lessons, and American Art Clay for their lesson plans], I went out and found a few more to share with you that focus on different hand building techniques, and some different projects.  I created a playlist called Dave’s Picks and on it you will find:

Neil Patterson video on making a tall coil vase using a profile template that you make yourself.

Karen Witham-Walsh – an artist and high school teacher from Ohio, who has been putting her classroom demonstrations online for years.  I picked 3 of my favorites from her channel.  

Frank Eager – another high school teacher’s video whose technique for the exposed coil bowl utilizes a slump mold

Mitch Lyons – a video on making cylinders using the ‘broomstick’ method


Janis Wilson Hughes – Her projects on making a playable Ocarina and a Transverse Flute

The best thing is that all of these can be done while we are still in isolation…and with clay and tools that you can purchase at shop.brackers.com, or can be found (or improvised) from things you already have at home.

Enjoy the videos, and keep creating.

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